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You Like that Thug Shit...

Here is the final sneak peek from Force of Nature! It will be available tomorrow, 2/10, but it isn't too late to preorder to assure you have it at midnight!

I was feeling so lightheaded and dizzy. I didn’t know why until my orgasm flooded the area. There was something exciting about this. Just the fact that I didn’t know him turned me on more. I was literally having sex with a stranger. “Ali…”

“Mm hmm.”

“Where you from?”

He lifted his head and fucked me deep for a couple of strokes, causing my legs to tremble once again. “Originally, Miami. Lived in New Orleans for almost two years, then moved here.”

He said that like he wasn’t tearing me apart piece by piece. My back arched, and I released again as he went up on his knees and applied pressure to my clit. That seemed to cause my orgasm to last even longer. My entire body felt like it was going into convulsions as his dick continued to stroke my g-spot. “Oh my God!”

It seemed like my orgasm gained wings and decided to float along. My entire body had gone up in flames, and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I opened my eyes to see him staring at me. I wanted to reach up and pull all that hair loose and just have my way with it. His braid was down his back so I could imagine that when it was loose, it was a sight to see. “What else you wanna know, beautiful?”

“Do you have… kids?”


“Been married or… engaged before?”


I could barely focus to ask anything more. His dick was lethal, and I wanted to believe that he was right. I would want more of it. However, I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying me as much as I was enjoying him until he closed his eyes and bit his bottom lip. “Mm,” he hummed.

That was so damn sexy. He grabbed my ankles and stretched my legs high and wide as he wound his dick inside of me. I couldn’t help but pull my hair. I couldn’t reach him so that was the next best thing. His pace increased, and I realized he hadn’t been giving me everything. “Give it all to me, Ali. I’ll adjust.”

He released my ankles and hovered over me as he pushed inside of me. While I thought my body had adjusted initially, it hadn’t. He went balls deep upon entry, but when he started stroking, he wasn’t giving me everything. Now that he was, I couldn’t contain my body or its functionality. The tears were falling down my cheeks, my pussy was leaking for him like it was in love already, and my legs felt paralyzed.

His face was red. He was feeling the effects of what this was between us just like I was. Maybe that was why he was holding back. Maybe he didn’t want to feel. He lowered his head to my ear and said in a deep voice, “You got some good ass pussy, Riley. I hope you ready, because I can be possessive as hell. Cum for me, baby.”

He bit my earlobe as he moaned. I swore my spirit had left my damn body. He was killing me softly, but I knew the beast would make its appearance soon. His pace had increased slightly, and his strokes had become rougher. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, holding him close like we were old lovers. My orgasm was stalling, skirting around the coast like a damn hurricane not wanting to leave the water.

Ali sank his teeth into my neck, and I moaned in excitement. “What the fuck did I tell you to do? I feel that shit right there. Let it go and let this dick change your fucking life.”

I swore I levitated. He was so damn rough while he was so damn gentle. I felt crazy as fuck. My body was trembling uncontrollably. I turned my head and bit his earlobe as my orgasm hit me like a typhoon. It felt like I went blind and deaf, but Ali began ravaging my shit like I had lost feeling or something. I screamed, but my pussy was enjoying that shit, because after only ten seconds, another wave hit me.

“Oh, you like that thug shit. I forgot. Let me show you something.”

After kissing my neck like he was about to make love to me, this nigga went up on his knees and pulled my leg to the other side of him turning me on my side, his dick never leaving my pussy’s confines. He popped my ass and leaned over me and fucked me hard, until I was literally crying. He didn’t let up until I’d cum all over him again. Not long after, he began nutting in the latex, but this fucking thug stroked me right through that shit.

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Feb 10, 2023

Oh my damn! This sh*t here, is gonna be a problem! Whew! 🔥

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
Feb 10, 2023
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