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Sharee Taylor has grown up being the person her siblings could rely on. Being the oldest, she accepted that responsibility with pride. After getting settled in her career, she realizes that while she’s being supportive of everyone else, she’s lonely. Everyone has moved on with their lives and it seems she’s at a standstill. Seeing her younger sister find love before her makes her long for that perfect love even more so. However, that doesn’t make her desperate. She still has her preferences. So, when Ross “Exodus” Anders approaches her, she is caught totally off guard by her attraction to him.

Having to become a man at a young age, has had its benefits as well as its tribulations. While it has somewhat forced Ross Anders into the wrong lifestyle, it has matured him as well. He’s lived well past his twenty-four years, and he realizes that he can’t continue down the path he’s on. His son deserves a better example of how to navigate in this world. He makes the decision to chase his dreams and pursues a career in music, hoping to be the next big rap star. He lands a record deal and while filming his first music video, he meets the woman he doesn’t want to ever look away from.

While Ross isn’t exactly Sharee’s type, there’s something about him that intrigues her and makes her want to know more about him. Ross is totally in from day one, wanting to prove that he’s worthy of her time. Will Sharee put her fears and doubts to rest and give Ross the attention he’s craving from her or will she possibly reject the gift because she doesn’t like the wrapping?

Access Denied: Luxury Love (Sweet Series 2nd Gen. Book 2)

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