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Your past doesn’t define your present.

That’s a mantra that Colson Crook lives by and for very good reason. The odds were stacked against him from his birth to a single mother in a low-income area of Port Arthur, Texas. He’d succumbed to the odds on more than one occasion, but now he is living the life he is destined to live. Trying to get other people to forget about his past seems to be the problem, especially his family. However, over the years, he’s learned to deal with their negativity. His life is almost complete, except in one area. Love. It had eluded him for years and he’s accepted that. But one fateful night, his eyes land on the woman that could change his relationship status forever.

Sky Jones is a successful teacher that wants to make a difference in the lives of her students. However, dealing with the attitudes of the teenagers she teaches, constantly increases in difficulty and threatens to make her forget her reason for pursuing that career in the first place. Deciding to take a short distance girls’ trip for spring break gives her the reprieve she needs, but it also gives her something else… an undeniable attraction to an older man that she can’t ignore.

Colson and Sky start on a fast-paced trek and feel that despite the warnings of the people closest to them, they want to pursue something meaningful. Will they continue to throw caution to the wind or will one of them decide to take heed to those warnings and dismantle what they’ve built?

Best You Ever Had

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