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*Read after Found Love in a Rider

Trying to be there for someone that refuses to do right can be difficult and taxing on the mental. Kema Richardson Semien understands this predicament well, because the love of her entire life has put her in the middle of it. After dating in high school and breaking up due to Philly’s involvement with drugs, Kema decides to focus on her rodeo career, not giving another man a second look. When Philly enters her life again over ten years later, it’s because his brother had married one of her best friends. Convincing her he’d left the streets behind and was now the owner of a successful mechanic shop, she succumbs to how she still feels for him and gives him a second chance.

Philly Semien has been the local supplier for years and as his street pharmacy expanded its reach, he knew that he was in the position to take over all of Southeast Texas. However, the one thing he wanted was to have Kema Richardson. He vowed that he would do whatever he had to do to get her, including fabricating stories to deceive her. When his truth is discovered, Philly doesn’t know which way to turn. He knows that he was wrong for lying to his only love, but he didn’t know how to run the streets and give her what she wanted. There wasn’t room for both, especially since the life and Kema were like oil and water. His heart was begging for her forgiveness, but it was also longing for that adrenaline rush he got from the fast money the drug game offered.

Kema loves Philly with everything in her, but she knows she can’t continue on the path they were on. Philly had deceived her and had betrayed her love in the process. Philly realizes that life just isn’t worth living without Kema, but will he be able to convince her that his intentions are pure?

Damaged Intentions: The Soul of a Thug (Henderson Book 7)

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