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Sometimes life can be tough to navigate, especially when you enter it at a slight disadvantage. Alexzandria Berotte has a loving family, and she’s made it through life all right. However, after discovering that she is pregnant and was nearly duped into marriage by a fraud, she misses something she’s never had. A mother’s love. Her mother died while giving her life, and she longs for that connection to help her navigate through one of her toughest times. She has difficult decisions to make, but after connecting with her father’s new love, those decisions seem to become slightly easier to get through. Trying to move on with her life, she does her best to convince herself that her past is behind her, and she’s ready to experience the one thing she craves… love.

Axton Vaughn is known as an arrogant prick, but he enjoys the title. As a newly certified gastroenterologist, he is living for the day that he can start his own practice. After reconnecting with his mentor from medical school, he accepts the task of temporarily running his office in Beaumont, Texas to get a feel for what it would be like running his own private office. However, instead of simply gaining experience, he’s introduced to the most beautiful nurse he’s ever seen. The problem is that he’s met his match, and he soon realizes that he can’t bear the same sarcasm he freely dishes out. Despite her fiery disposition and their constant bickering, he can’t seem to get her out of his thoughts.

Alexz and Axton can’t seem to be around one another for longer than a few minutes without being ready to wage war against the other. However, when life happens in both their worlds, they are both vulnerable and their rough exteriors seem to deteriorate. Can they be there for one another, or will their strife drive a deeper wedge between them?

Deeper Than Love (Berotte Book 2)

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