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Dexter Dent, Junior, affectionately called DJ by everyone who knows him, has been ready to abandon the single life for a while now. His adolescent and entire adult life has always been about making sure his mother and brother were taken care of. Now that his mom is happy and living her life with his new stepfather, Sheldon Berotte, he’s ready to find that same happiness that only a woman can bring and that all his bonus siblings seem to have already found. That process proves to be tedious trying to find a diamond in a cesspool, but DJ is up for the challenge.

Single mother of two and divorcée, Shavozz Simpson, is still reeling from the effects of her now defunct marriage. She constantly blames herself for choosing the wrong man and not listening to warnings from those close to her. The next man will have to suffer through rigorous testing, because she refuses to be stubbornly naïve and fall for another man like her ex-husband. It doesn’t help that her friend instigates chaos by bringing drama and allegations to her doorstep at every turn.

DJ is smitten the day he lays eyes on Shavozz, but he realizes the conquest isn’t going to be as easy as he originally perceived. Shavozz knows in her heart that DJ is the man for her after a short while and that possibility causes fear to infiltrate her mind, sabotaging the mere idea that a man could care so much for her. Can she release her past failures in relationships so she can be free to love DJ, or will she allow them to cripple even the possibility? Will DJ’s love be able to weather the storm in hopes of seeing a rainbow?

Don’t Fight The Feeling (Berotte Book 7)

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