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Life isn’t always kind. It throws curve balls and sometimes, a few of those become strikes. Tyeis Warner knows what it's like to be dealt lemons and try to make lemonade out of them. She chooses to make the best out of life because her daughter depends on her to. After her daughter’s father walks out on her, she knows that she has to make it… no ifs, ands, or buts about it. However, his actions leave a bad taste in her mouth regarding men, but an even worse taste regarding herself. She goes through life believing she doesn’t really deserve love, and her mental health suffers more because of it.

To think everything is good, but suddenly have it all come crashing down is a hard thing to get over. When Decaurey Franklin’s girlfriend dies, it takes a toll on him… a big toll. He’s depressed for years but finally seeks help, proving he has the desire to come out of it. He knows that he isn’t meant to be alone and that he would love a woman more than life itself if he finds the right one. When he meets Tyeis, he has his doubts, but he knows that he can’t permanently walk away. There is something about her that intrigues him, and he is determined to find out what that something is.

Decaurey and Tyeis have a rocky start. One is ready for a committed relationship and the other has convinced themselves that they aren’t, which causes a stint of back and forth. Tyeis is keeping a secret that could weigh in on the course of their journey. She’s afraid that if he knows the truth about her, he will leave her. Decaurey wants to walk away because he knows she’s hiding something. Can Tyeis finally divulge what she’s been hiding for so long to give them a fighting chance or will her fear of rejection cause her to wait until it’s too late?

Don’t Walk Away (Henderson Book 17)

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