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Teaching young, impressionable minds has always been Kendall Washington’s passion. She thrives on reaching them where even sometimes their parents can’t. Their welfare is also important to her. Coming from a loving, two-parent home, she feels that she knows what love looks like, however, when she meets Cassie Daniels, she isn’t sure if she’s seeing love or neglect of some kind. When she reaches the child’s father, she gets the answers she’s looking for and most of them have nothing to do with Cassie.

Price Daniels has a difficult task at hand. The mother of his eight-year-old daughter is in the wind, leaving Cassie with him for a weekend visit and not returning. While Price loves his daughter and will do anything for her, he’s facing a dilemma. He doesn’t know the first thing about being the full-time parent of a little girl. The youngest son of deceased parents and only having an older brother, there are no women in his life to show him the ropes. When he gets a note from her teacher, he’s praying she doesn’t report him to CPS, however, when he meets Ms. Washington, he wants to solicit her help with Cassie and so much more.

Price and Kendall have one common interest; taking care of Cassie and making sure she has everything she needs. Once Cassie is squared away, the focus somehow shifts to their own needs. Will they be able to fulfill those needs through the attraction they have for one another? Or will too many lines be crossed if they even entertained the thought?

Drive Me to Ecstasy

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