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Nathaniel Rhodes has been trying to navigate life in his new identity. After taking a dip back into who he used to be as Kai Booker, he quickly realizes that isn’t what’s best. While obsessing over his love lost, he runs into a beautiful bartender that steals his attention. After spending time with her, he knows that she’s special and could possibly be the woman for him, despite the turmoil he’d previously been in. However, situations arise that make it difficult to pursue the aura that he no longer wants to do without.

Kami Barnes knows what it’s like to be happy and living life with a beautiful family and have it all stripped away in the blink of an eye. After overcoming the heartbreak from her husband, who is also the father of her two children, she works herself tirelessly to provide for them. Without financial assistance from her ex, she lives from paycheck to paycheck, hoping that someday things will get better. When she meets Nathaniel Rhodes at her place of employment, she feels things she hadn’t felt in a long time for a man and dives in headfirst. However, when secrets are divulged, she’s worried that she made a mistake by getting involved at all.

Life altering events occur, and Nathaniel and Kami have a tough time travelling through the troubled waters. Their relationship has come with a cost that Kami isn’t sure she wants to pay. Will she give it her last dollar, or will she tap out just in time?

Favorite Mistake (Sweet Series - Kai’s Reemergence Book 2)

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