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A man of few words is sometimes a man to fear. Ali Joseph proves that theory to be correct. He keeps his traumatic past under wraps and only trusts a few people, Shyrón Berotte being one of them. He’s been living amidst the turmoil for so long he’s finally reaching his breaking point. His anger is causing him to come unhinged and that’s no good for the people involved, especially since they don’t realize the danger they are in. There is only one silver lining in his cloud and that’s the day he meets Riley Domingue.

Riley has been recovering from the death of a loved one for the past two and a half years, trying to adjust to being a single mother and focusing on becoming a better woman than before. She’s done everything she knows to do to show her daughter an image of independence, strength, and love. While overcoming her struggles seem effortless from the outside looking in, her heart is longing for love and affection. Her eyes zero in on the most unlikely target for that. Ali Joseph’s swag screams bad boy, and while that’s something that could be dangerous, it’s also something that she could never resist.

Ali and Riley are engulfed in their attraction immediately, but in a short amount of time, issues come to the surface that has them both rethinking their pending relationship. Will those issues overtake them, or will they be able to rise above for the sake of what they want to build together?

Force of Nature (Berotte Book 11)

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