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In the latest installment of the Full Figured series, Monica Walters and Treasure Hernandez introduce readers to two full-figured beauties who are as different as night and day. One is a good girl who’s swept off her feet with an unexpected romance. The other is a vivacious diva looking for a sexy adventure.

Love Won’t Let Me Wait by Monica Walters: Giánni’s past is riddled with failed relationships and broken hearts, so she has chosen to focus on her self-worth instead. However, when she finds herself just going through the motions in her job, she feels the need for some entertainment. A new customer’s flirtatious advances might just offer her a new way to occupy her downtime.


When Ford decided to skip out on a four-year degree to become a truck driver, his parents were sorely disappointed, but Ford believes there is potential in trucking, so he isn’t giving up on his dream. When he heads to a local bank for financial assistance, he isn’t prepared for the curveball life throws at him. This ball of curves is professional, fiery, and gorgeous, and Ford is determined to make her his no matter the cost.


Giánni isn’t prepared for what having Ford in her life can lead to, and she’s taken aback by how fast it progresses. Will Ford be able to convince her that he can meet her exactly where she is, or will his aggressive attempts at loving her prove to be too much for her to handle?


Plus One by Treasure Hernandez: In Bae’s world, there’s only room for one voluptuous, sexy diva. Well, at least in her circle of friends, anyway. Then her friend Giselle brings a “plus one” to Bae’s book release party and invites her on their all-girl getaway to Saint Martin.


Bae might think there’s no room for another thick and curvy member in her clique, but does the same go for her bed? Five vivacious women go on an all-expenses-paid luxury vacation in the Caribbean. It’s a trip full of sisterhood, shenanigans, and plenty of full-figured sexiness. Open your mind and throw caution to the wind as you experience one of the most memorable Full-Figured tales yet.

Full Figured 18

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