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Loving hard doesn’t do anyone any good when the love isn’t reciprocated. If Rondo Simpson could have a do over in his love life, he would jump at the opportunity. The woman he’s loved for over ten years has committed the ultimate betrayal and has convinced him that love just isn’t in the cards for him. Even attempts at love before her seemed to be one-sided and leaves him heartbroken. However, unexpectedly, the type of woman he’s been longing for walks into his life when everything is in disarray, stealing his attention from the word go.

Dinalee Cadien knows what it feels like to give her all to the man she loves, and it still not be enough. Now a single mother and divorcee, life just isn’t what she thought it would be. After being stationed in a city where she doesn’t know anyone, Dinalee attempts to make the best of it, creating a new start for herself and her children, thinking this is what’s best for them. A fateful day at the gas station changes everything.

Rondo and Dinalee are on the fast track to something special, but unfortunate incidents cause doubt and hesitancy to rear their ugly heads, bringing their journey to a screeching halt. Their intense connection suffers, because they can’t seem to move past their insecurities about love. Will they fight for what they know their love can become, or will they continue to let destiny elude them and allow complacency to set in?

Hard To Love (Berotte Book 14)

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