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Arrow Vaughn is tired of random interactions with women. With everyone around him finding love and maintaining healthy relationships, it’s hard to not want the same thing. His career is intact, his financial status is stable, and he’s a likeable guy. He’s longing for intimacy with one woman who can claim his heart and share his intellect. Despite his need to settle down, he continues to play the field until the right woman presents herself in the form of a patient in need of an anesthesiologist.

Lynn Jolivet is at peace with who she is as a woman. There is only one problem. The doctor warns her that unless major changes are made, she could die within the next two to three years. Scared straight, Lynn decides it’s beyond time to get her health on the right track. When she arrives for surgery, she’s a bundle of nerves, but a certain anesthesiologist has a way of calming her fears but heightening her senses in ways unimaginable.

Arrow knows immediately after seeing Lynn that she could possibly be the woman he’s supposed to do life with. Lynn is skeptical about his timing, because she doesn’t want to be just another conquest. Can Lynn rid herself of her trust issues regarding Arrow in order to navigate her way to love, or will she friend zone him indefinitely?

I’m All In (Berotte Book 9)

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