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Amiko Yanara Lopez believes she has life all figured out. She knows that she can be in control of her destiny, if only it would submit to her control. Growing up in a middle-class home, Amiko was brought up to follow the straight and narrow. She was to be a lady with poise and dignity. She’d learned that in all the ballet classes she took. Her parents were extremely proud of her and that meant the world to her. Owning her own event planning business, her finances are stable, and her social life can’t help but to be active due to work. However, life wasn’t kind when it took the man she was secretly involved with and loved through his worst days, from her, who also happened to be her best friend’s brother. But after losing Mega to the streets, she knew that she could never put herself in that predicament again.
Her heart has other plans, though, when she meets Seth Gutierrez, the owner of a club she and her friend Fawn Patterson, frequent. He’s sexy, smooth, and friendly. As Fawn talks to his brother, he makes his move on her. While Mega has only been deceased for two weeks, she allows him in only to find out a little while later, that his presence is known in the streets as well, maybe even more so than Mega’s was. After months of being together, circumstances that could have gotten Seth killed, causes Amiko to leave their relationship, fearing that she will experience déjà vu. The problem is that she still loves him.
How will she continue through life without the man she loves? The time they’ve spent apart, hasn’t changed the way she feels, and she believes that nothing ever will. Will she succumb to her heart’s desires or will she fight against it and live life only a shell of woman without Seth?

I’m In Love with a Savage (Spin-off of Savage Heart)

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