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Shyrón Berotte has always been the one to handle things. Although he’s the middle child, he takes protecting his family seriously. Since he’s a lawyer, it makes that feat a little easier to accomplish. He knows his way around the law, even when the law can’t seem to protect those he loves. While he has one foot on the other side of it, his driving force is the love he has for his family. So, when he realizes his sister’s best friend is in a bad predicament, he doesn’t hesitate to offer a helping hand. His attraction to her only makes things more intense since she already has a boyfriend.

Brittany Davis is where she wants to be in her nursing career. Financially, she’s in an okay place and her life is stable. However, her love life is stressing her out and she’s been wallowing in what seems to be a loveless relationship for months. Her passive demeanor and big heart has her hanging on to a commitment she should have long ago let go of. When her best friend’s brother propositions her, she doesn’t know how to proceed. Although she’s been attracted to him for some time, she’s hesitant because of her circumstance at home.

Shyrón refuses to take no for an answer and that causes things to turn volatile. His forwardness and somewhat controlling behavior bother Brittany, because she doesn’t want to be in the same type of relationship she’s trying to get out of. Will Brittany be able to let go of the fear from her past to explore her future, or will Shyrón’s aggressiveness run her off before the exploration can begin?

I’m The Remedy (Berotte Book 4)

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