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Christian Henderson knows what it’s like to be heartbroken, but he also knows what it’s like to be single and mingling without a care in the world. However, his time has run out on the single life, and he’s ready to settle down. Although he’s the middle son of his parents, he’s the only one that hasn’t found the woman his soul craves. He’s established in his career as part owner of an A/C repair business, and thanks to being a Henderson, his bag is set. There is nothing left to do but start a family. After the relationship he thought was the one fails, he’s even more determined to find the right one. When he meets Mya, time stands still. Immediately, his heart is off to the races.

Mya Ceasar is really fed up with relationships. Giving a man her all, time and time again, has proven to be a bust, and she feels she’s struck out on love. Even with as young as she is, she believes it’s just not in the cards for her, and she focuses on living her best life, indulging in temporary fulfillment. Deep down, she craves love and affection, but she doesn’t trust anyone to provide it unconditionally. As an independent romance author, she chooses to live every day like it's her last and hopes that love will eventually find her. A chance encounter with Christian proves to be the saving grace her heart desperately needs.

Christian is a man who knows what he wants, and he sees it when he meets Mya. Convincing Mya of that is more difficult than he thought it would be. Her past trauma is speaking loudly, and she isn’t easily persuaded when it comes to matters of the heart. Will Christian have the patience to endure the wait, or will he move on like Mya never existed?

I Need It (Henderson Book 21)

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