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Jenahra Henderson Monroe knows what it means to be pretentious but strong. While her religious behaviors come off as condescending and judgmental of others, it’s deeply rooted in pain, drama, and abuse. Not wanting to get members of her family in trouble, she chooses to keep secrets for over twenty years, drowning herself in God’s anointing. When the truth finally emerges, it comes with a cost.

Carter Wothyla thought he found forever when he met Jenahra. However, as with all good things, it comes to an end. He spends the next twenty years, wandering through the dating scene aimlessly, trying to find a woman that compares to her. Never marrying or having children of his own, Carter has found contentment in being alone. But as luck would have it, he attends a wedding that leads him back to the love of his life and he refuses to let go this time despite the obstacles before him.

Jenahra and Carter have a past that is riddled in secrets, lies, and passion, but their chemistry is undeniable. While Carter is full steam ahead to win her heart, Jenahra has life decisions to make. Will those decisions push Carter out of her life once and for all or will she choose to live for herself and possibly face ridicule for it?

I Wish I Could Be The One (Henderson Book 10)

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