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Wesley Henderson, Jr. has had a hard life. He seems to be the outcast within the Henderson clan, and he’s tired of that position. Despite his efforts to be everything his father wants, nothing he does seems to be good enough. While trying to solve those issues on his own, he reaches a breaking point. Despite his efforts, he finds himself at rock bottom with nowhere to look but up or to just close his eyes altogether. With all the trauma he faced in the past and now still trying to deal with those demons, he finds that his journey to peace, healing, and self-love will be even harder than he anticipated… Until he meets Olivia.

Olivia August is in a great place in her life. Divorced with a grown son and happy with who she is, she’s living her best life, traveling the world. Being a nurse for twenty-nine years has afforded her a good life and she is making the best of it. When she crosses paths with one of her patients, things change. Wesley Henderson steals her good sense with his amazingly good looks and his spirit. She can’t figure out why the pull toward him is so great, especially with him being a patient of hers, but she’s willing to find out.

Wesley has a long journey to mental healing ahead of him, but he can’t stop thinking about the beautiful nurse who grabbed his attention. Olivia has her reservations at first but decides to let whatever is going to happen… happen. However, will Wesley be able to overcome his issues to prove he’s ready to move forward wit

I Wish I Could Be The One 2 (Henderson Book 11)

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