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Letting go of disappointments is a part of life, but Jasper Henderson is struggling in that area, especially with one disappointment in particular. He has kept it hidden for years from everyone and it causes him to coast through life without really experiencing the joys of it. While he’s a successful business owner and rancher, his love life is lacking, however, he pretends to be content with that until he no longer can. A beautiful woman grabs his attention and refuses to let go. While he knows their potential, he refuses to acknowledge it, putting their relationship at risk before it even develops.

When her mind is set to achieve something, Chasity Pollard usually does. She doesn’t believe in quitting and that mantra is true for her love life as well. Embarking on her educational journey later than most, she’s determined to finish on top, even when her progress is threatened by a gorgeous man. Regardless of that fact, she can’t seem to resist him and tries to establish something meaningful with him. However, after eight months, she’s ready to throw in the towel. He refuses to give in to her. Not wanting to waste her time any more than she already has, she gives him an ultimatum.

Jasper and Chasity embark upon a journey that neither of them are completely sure will develop into anything promising. The drama is plentiful, and things get dangerous. Will Jasper and Chasity be able to navigate their way through life’s tumultuous past to attain a future filled with love? Or will they crumble before they even get started on their journey?

Ignite My Soul (Henderson Book 2)

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