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Money has never been a thing for Latisha Babineaux. Growing up as the only princess of Reign Babineaux is her biggest flex. People literally bow at her feet because of how feared he is in the streets. Now that she’s older, she just wants a life of peace and love with her children and to possibly find love a second time around. When her father is killed, things take a turn. She has to navigate through life without the man she’s loved the most, and that feat has been difficult to accomplish. Trying to manage his business affairs as well as his illegal dealings have been difficult. She just wants to disappear with her children. However, there are manipulative forces keeping her in place.

Dallas Winters wants nothing more than to live his life as a better man. Navigating through it as a convicted felon has proven to be somewhat difficult, but he is determined to start over and live a life that’s morally acceptable. Being a loner isn’t easy for him, but he knows in order to change his ways, he has to stay away from people that remind him of who he used to be. Accepting a low paying job while putting himself through school leads to him meeting a woman that intrigues him more than he could have ever fathomed. The situation he witnesses her endure only increases the urge to be everything she needs.

When Latisha encounters Dallas, she knows that he should be off-limits because of who she is, but for some reason, she can’t deny his advances. One thing leads to another and before long, her involvement with him blows up in their faces. Can they get past the drama and danger that’s threatening their pending relationship and proceed with the matters of their hearts, or will Dallas walk away to stay the course he’s on to a better life?

It’s Just a Date (A Billionaire Baby Romance )

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