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*Read after Damaged Intentions: Soul of a Thug

Insecurity isn’t a part of who she is, but appearances mean everything. Vida Indigo Coles left the town she grew up in to not only pursue her education and escape her small, country town, but to also escape the reputation she is rumored to have. One lie seems to turn into a thousand and Vida needs a fresh start. She is able to get that and has settled into her career as a nurse in Dallas once she finishes college. However, twenty years later, a turn of unfortunate events brings her back to her hometown. After being home for a month, she runs into a handsome brother that melts her insides. But once she finds out his age, it threatens to end them before they can even get started.

Playing the field had been Aston Martin Eldridge’s favorite pastime. He isn’t looking for a woman to settle down with. He’s simply enjoying life the way it’s handed to him. One fateful evening, after a long day of working on cars, he meets a woman that has him wanting to change his ways. Despite the noticeable age difference, Aston knows that he wants to experience every part of her. Pursuing her proves to be difficult, because not everyone thinks they are a good match.

Vida’s fear of living her life on her terms is keeping her from the one thing she wants the most – Aston Martin Eldridge.

Keeping up with appearances for the people watching only makes her sink in despair. There is only so much Aston can do to try to convince her to give him a chance to prove they are meant to be. Will she let go of her fears and succumb to the way Aston makes her feel? And will Aston still be around if she does?

Let Me Ride (Henderson Book 8)

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