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Isaiah Berotte, the eldest of the Berotte siblings, knows exactly what he wants out of life. He has a career that has treated him well, a loving family that has his back, and a beautiful home that displays the reward of his labor. A family of his own is the one thing he craves, but time hasn’t been forgiving. He wants to be in love and receive love in return, but it seems that won’t happen unless it’s with the only woman he has ever truly cared about. After experiencing a moment of grief and turmoil with her, he does his best to move on and forget. The problem is that he hasn’t seen her in sixteen years and because so much time has passed, he’s nervous to contact her for fear of rejection.

Joyy Roberts once had it all simply by being with the man she loved. However, she never made him aware of just how much she loved him. After a painful event, he eventually left her in his past, and it destroyed Joyy. Thoughts of moving on don’t go far because the only man she craves has created distance between them, indicating that he didn’t care about her as much as she cared about him. Her life is spiraling out of control, because her demons have taken the reins. She’s only going through the motions until the day her past takes a huge leap of faith to exist in her present.

Isaiah is determined to convince Joyy of his regrets and his love for her despite her insistence of being fine without him. Joyy is troubled because of his return, not knowing whether he’s sincere or not. Will she allow Isaiah to come into her life and change it for the better or continue to allow it to travel the path of destruction until there’s no life left to live?

Love Me Senseless (Berotte Book 5)

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