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Having the support of his family means everything to Haji Abimbola. Leaving his home of Freetown, Sierra Leone to further his education, he travels to the United States… Southeast Texas to be exact… to study chemical engineering. It seemed he could never please his father, but in a quest to prove that he is capable of great things and that he deserves his father’s honor, Haji excels in his field of study. After several major accomplishments and still not having the approval he longs for, he ends his quest and chooses to continue living life on his terms.

Chinara Nwachucku has struck out with love and hasn’t given a man a second thought in five years. Journeying to the United States, she sets out to make a successful life for herself to help her family back home in Nigeria, but it’s taking much longer than she anticipated. It seems when she takes one step, she’s knocked back two. Being laid off from her job is the blow that brings her to her knees. Not being able to afford her current lifestyle, she hits the ground running in search of a job to regain a steady income. As if her life isn’t stressful enough, she catches the attention of a man that seems to be the type to only want one thing. While her interest is piqued because the man whose name is Haji, is attractive, she feels that he will only be a complication in her life.

Both Haji and Chinara experience trying times personally and their struggles bring them across one another’s paths once again. Haji believes that in order to make it through those struggles, they have to do it together. Will he be able to convince Chinara of this fact, or will it fall on deaf ears?

Marry Me Twice

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