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Shawn Taylor has always been the one his siblings looked up to for guidance and protection. While he didn’t always have the right answers, he still tried to be the one they could lean on. However, going through a nasty divorce, gaining sole custody of his children, and finding out his ex-wife was a drug addict, sank him low. With all his accomplishments, the ones he was most proud of was being a father and a husband. After years of loving the one woman that seemed to make everything right for him, he finally gets his chance to make her totally his. But with the family drama surrounding them, he wonders if it will last.

Sonya Thompson, the video vixen her family loved to hate, has matured and learned how to deal with her mental illness of bipolar disorder. Having a son late in life with Shawn, helped her to calm down significantly. The one thing she longs for is him. The family drama surrounding them being together had kept her from committing to him for years, but their time has finally come. Willing to put her needs first, she embarks on a journey with Shawn that makes her past relationships look mediocre. Things are great until drama rears its ugly head, threatening to unleash the beast in her that has lied dormant.

Trying to focus on their needs, Sonya and Shawn successfully block out family drama for a while until an event brings them together… all under one roof. Will things get too heated for Sonya to withstand? Will she and Shawn make it through the fire unsinged?

Never Enough (Book 9)

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