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Powerful, independent, intellectual, and lonely are all attributes that describe Sakina Campbell. Being a detective for Dallas County had been tedious but rewarding. Helping to get justice for victims the system often forgot about gave her a sense of pride and putting criminals behind bars gave her a high that she couldn’t come down from. However, time hadn’t been on her side when it came to her love life. At forty-four years old, she could no longer be a mother due to surgery that prevented her from carrying a baby… not that she even had a male prospect to create a life with. Love had a way of eluding her. She often thinks it’s because of her stubborn demeanor and willingness to succeed no matter the cost.

After meeting Liam Jackson, a man ten years her junior, she holds him at arm’s length, thinking that he was only after one thing. But just as she’s coming to the realization that she might want more from him, he has to relocate for his job. That only fuels her fire to proceed to the next level in her career, becoming lead detective in the county. She dedicates nearly two years to her job and elderly father, settling in the belief that she would spend the rest of her life alone. Until one day, Liam reappears, bringing her old wounds to the surface.

Sakina adamantly refuses his advances, because she feels if she gives in to Liam, he will only leave again. The hurt and anger had been lying dormant since Liam had left, but now that he’s back, he’s determined to make Sakina his. When things in her life are shaken to the core, will she allow Liam back in her world, to finally love her the way she deserves?

Nobody Else Gon’ Get My Love

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