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Failure isn't what comes to mind when one thinks of marriage. Ansley Malveaux surely thought her life was perfect. Being married with three beautiful kids, and a job she loved, was the life she'd always dreamed of. Unfortunately, after seven years, her marriage had become just that - a failure. Learning to navigate through her new life as a single mother is exhausting and takes her on an emotional journey she isn't ready for, especially after meeting Jayden Young. Fear of moving on has her frozen in space, but Jayden is threatening to melt her heart at every turn.

Being in love with a woman that isn't in love with him is the worst feeling ever for Jayden Young. Ansley has put him in the friend zone and he's patiently waited for her to change her mind. His whole mission is to help her rebuild her trust in men and love, by showing her he's trustworthy to handle her fragile heart.

As if life doesn't have enough challenges of its own, Ansley and Jayden find themselves in avoidable situations. Situations that, if they would only be true to themselves and each other, wouldn't arise. Ansley pushes against Jayden's every attempt at loving her, and at some point, wonders if he'll ever grow tired of her rejection. Will they finally work through the fears that cripple their blossoming relationship and threaten to dismantle their friendship? Or will they choose to stop fighting for love and let their fears prevail?

Only If You Let Me (Spin-Off of Say He’s the One )

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