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Passion /ˈpa-shən/: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept

Giselle King refuses to wait for time to pass her by without obtaining everything she desires. After fulfilling her goal of becoming a dental hygienist and having financial stability, she knows she’s ready for a family. Years of dating proved to be a waste. An arrangement was made to bless her with two beautiful children, who keep her busy, but she’s still not totally happy. She wants a loving relationship with the man of her dreams… a man that’s perfect for her. Impatience with the dating process causes her to make another arrangement. Arranged Hearts has a reputation of pairing couples, promising a high success rate. If an arrangement worked for having her babies, why wouldn’t it work for obtaining a husband?

The party scene of lust and temporary fulfillment was no longer appealing to Gentry Fleming. Those years have flown by in a haze, and now, his desires have shifted. As a successful veterinarian, the love of animals isn’t enough. He desires a family: a devoted wife and beautiful children. He’s already set his life up perfectly to accommodate them. The problem is the women he meets only intrigue him physically. While that’s important to him, it isn’t all that he needs. He wants a woman that would be his perfect complement. His patience is running thin, so he decides to hire someone to weed out the undesirable for him. Arranged Hearts seem like his best option, and he’s down to take the risk.

If the pairing is successful, love will eventually come. That can happen quickly, or it could take some time, but Giselle and Gentry are willing to work toward it. Their attraction and chemistry couldn’t have been matched better, but opposition rears its ugly head. Gentry doesn’t work well in an environment filled with drama, and Giselle isn’t a fan of it either. However, at this point, it is out of their control. Will the arranged hearts commit to forever, or will I do turn into I don’t?

Passion: The Arranged Hearts Series

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