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A large family can have an overabundance of love, comradery, and most of all… drama. The Hendersons have had more than their fair shares of tragedy, heartache, and betrayal. However, through it all, they’ve learned to put family first. They work through their family issues with understanding, guidance, and most importantly, love.

But as the drama lies dormant, too much time has passed in peace. They all know that this peace never lasts too long without something happening to disrupt it… not in their family anyway. Hearts are broken, but in the midst of it all, that Henderson love and bond shines through, assuring that whatever decision is made concerning one sibling’s trouble, they’ll be there for support.

One Henderson’s problem becomes everyone’s problem, and they work equally hard to assure that it doesn’t get out of hand. But will the outcome be the one desired by the majority or will someone be receiving a fresh start?

Put That on Everything: A Henderson Family Novella (Henderson Book 12)

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