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Always having to look over your shoulder is a horrible feeling. Jericho Marcellus is living his worst nightmare. Having to flee from his home in Florida for a crime he committed to defend his sister years ago has been devastating to his mental. Even after sixteen years, he can’t get out of that rut. He feels like he’s become the very man he despised growing up and is having a hard time getting back to who he used to be. Leaving his sister and mother in his older brother’s hands was a mistake, but another mistake was leaving the love of his life behind. When he disappeared, it was like she disappeared too, because he hasn’t been able to locate her. Searching for her replacement hasn’t been easy, and he realizes that he’s looking for her in every encounter he experiences.

Sometimes, starting over, no matter how difficult, is what’s needed. Whitney Paul had to leave her home to ensure her safety. She ends up in Dallas, Texas and has to change her name to assure she couldn’t be located, all because her boyfriend was on the run. He disappeared and sixteen years later, she still hasn’t found a man that compares to him. Settling in a mediocre relationship proves to be a horrible decision. However, when she receives a text message that offers the opportunity to reconnect with the man she’s carried in her heart all this time, she can barely contain her excitement and nerves.

When Whitney and Jericho see one another again, time stands still. Their attraction is just as strong as it was all those years ago. The challenge is getting to know and accept the adults they’ve evolved into, especially Jericho. Can Whitney accept his new lifestyle and the aggressive nature he’s embraced, or will it all be just too much for her to deal with?

Say You Love Me (Berotte Book 12)

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