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Life and the results of bad decisions have thrown Ashahve Glasper a curve ball. She’s pregnant and doesn’t know which man has fathered the baby. There’s Dr. Elijah Coleman, her professor with whom she’s had an on again off again affair with and Omari Watson, the love of her life, but also the one who hurt her the most. Depression is threatening to take her down, because it seems she’s in this thing alone until God shines a little light on her. While having company through the process makes it easier to deal with, the fact still remains that she doesn’t know which man is the father of her child. While Omari is the man she wants to be the father, she also knows that Elijah would be a good father. The paternity results will reveal who the father is, but will Ashahve be able to handle the results?

Finally in a good place in life, Omari Watson knows what he wants… what he needs. Ashahve Glasper is at the top of that list. While they had an extremely difficult breakup, he accepts responsibility for it and wants to make amends. He feels that he can now be the man she needs now that he’s gotten his anger issues in check. Therapy has also taught him how to emotionally express himself as well. He knows he can be a great man to her, but will she give him a second chance?

Elijah Coleman just wants to know when life will treat him like his is worth living. From one issue to the next, he struggles to get past them. However, his tenacity won’t allow him to give up and wallow in regret. With his career and reputation on the line, Elijah does his best to get through the ordeal. While all of these problems stem from his involvement with his student, Ashahve Glasper, he still wants to be in her life, especially since he knows she could possibly be having his baby.

These three lives once again intertwine. A pregnancy could connect two of them forever, but which two? Ashahve is a nervous wreck, begging God to let one of them in particular be the father. They all know of the possibilities and they are prepared to deal with the outcomes, but can they hold it together until those results are bestowed upon them? Will the results be favorable for all parties involved?

Show Me You Still Want It (Book 3)

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