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You’re strong… You’re resilient… You’re an overcomer.

Nesha Henderson knows what it means to fight through adversity and the horrible effects of abuse. She chooses to be an overcomer and not let her past define her. After years of struggling with her sexuality, she’s in a place of contentment with herself, but love has seemed to escape her grasp every chance it gets. Her desire to be loved causes her to make questionable decisions in her love life to avoid being alone. However, a common interest has her crossing paths with her college crush, and she’s smitten all over again.

Lennox Guilman has had to be a man for a long time. Seeing his father abandon his family was tough, but he stepped up to the plate. As a teenager, he became the man of the house and had to maintain a level of maturity and bear responsibilities well above his age bracket. While that fact causes his life to take a slight detour, it doesn’t keep him from succeeding. There’s only one thing missing. Love has been a stranger to him after a devastating heartbreak, but one fateful day, it decides to become reacquainted.

Nesha and Lennox notice their instant attraction to one another and immediately act on it. Nesha can only pray that her way of life isn’t a deal breaker. Situations arise in her life that could have Lennox questioning their budding relationship and whether its worth the fight. Can Nesha be the overcomer and move past those situations and proceed with Lennox, or will love abandon her once again?

Someone Like You (Henderson Book 14- Second Generation)

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