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Who moves your soul like no other can? Who makes you feel things that are beyond your own comprehension?

Shane Taylor is struggling to find the love that can catapult him into euphoria. Seeing his sisters find that with their life partners, leaving him the odd man out, is driving him insane. However, he has inner demons that are deeply rooted, and he has allowed them to control his love life ever since he was old enough to make his own decisions. A relationship that was once so fulfilling, isn’t so fulfilling anymore. Longing for love unparalleled and unconditional has felt like a witch hunt, but finding his one will be worth every moment of it.

Is it love or convenience?

Two women… one man. The options are clear cut and precise. Carrington Breaux, the woman of the present doesn’t even know of Shane’s inward comparison between her and the woman of the past, Roshianna Green. Matters of the heart can be difficult and confusing when the mind gets involved. Sometimes what’s logical may not be what’s necessary. Roshianna Green has made a promise to herself to go after what’s hers. Carrington Breaux has made a promise to herself as well… to hang on to what belongs to her.

Sharing a man is out of the question, so it’s up to Shane to choose wisely, because all decisions are final. Who will it be?

Still: Your Best (Sweet Series 2nd Gen. Book 3)

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