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As if life hasn't been hard enough for tough criminal defense attorney, Sidney Jameson-Taylor, she finds herself at the lowest point in her life. Her baby, Graham, is desperately clinging to life in ICU, and she's convinced that someone has poisoned him. She's on a mission to uncover exactly what happened to her child, while her love life with her husband, Devin, is suffering. She uncovers a lot of hurt and family drama that nearly paralyzes her; however, everyone still expects her to be the strong one. Can Sidney bear the weight of the brick wall on her shoulders, or will she crumble from its pressure?

Everyone has a breaking point, and Devin is so close to his until he can reach out and touch it. Although he is worried about his son, he hungers for attention from his wife. Family issues arise and Devin has to be the voice of reason, all the while his life seems to be falling apart. Temptation rears its ugly head, and he has decisions that he must make. Can Devin make the right decisions for the sake of his family and his life as he knows it?

Sidney and Devin's marriage is under pressure and they both feel as if the other could be more understanding of their situations. When it really hits the fan, they both have to evaluate if their marriage is worth saving. Can they withstand the thunderstorm to discover the rainbow?

Sweet Revenge (Book 4)

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