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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be someone else? Sonya Elise Jamison-Thompson knows exactly how that feels. She’s known her entire life that something wasn't right with her. As early as the age of four years old, Sonya has had an explosive temperament that had gone undiagnosed for over twenty years. Her amazing good looks helps her get away with a lot and causes men, in particular, to dismiss her questionable behaviors. When she meets her family and learns about her biological mother’s irrational decisions, she eventually seeks medical attention, but not before wreaking havoc in the lives of everyone she knows. Sonya gets stability through medication and family support. However, when she meets Kai, who’s ten years her junior, she decides to keep her explosive past and current diagnosis under wraps. Can Sonya keep the façade going to keep Kai around?

Kai Nathaniel Booker has had to be a man almost his entire life. Growing up with a mentally ill single mother, made him mature extremely fast. He’s seen and been through a lot for his twenty-four years. His life changed forever when his mom died, the one woman he loved with all his being. After being taken in by his half-sister at the age of fifteen, Kai had to survive the best way he knew how. His sister’s live-in boyfriend Trey, turned him on to the drug scene, and he’s been hooked to the thug life ever since. Kai’s thuggish personality and demeanor, not to mention his intimidating stature, helps him avoid a lot of drama; that is until he meets Sonya. Her luring personality and gorgeous looks pull him in. Will he allow Sonya to penetrate his rough exterior and invade his heart?

Sweet Surrender (Book 5)

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