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Sonya seems to be every man’s fantasy. So much so, until sometimes her beauty and gorgeous figure is a curse to her instead of a gift. Sonya’s sex appeal along with her explosive temperament, keeps women on edge when she’s around, especially those close to her. Although she’s trying to get her life together, she’s still torn. She’s addicted to two men, and her heart won’t let her leave either one of them behind. Depression from events she’s responsible for and those beyond her control threaten to consume her. Sonya has always been resilient, but will these obstacles be too much for her to overcome?

Kai left the thug life behind when he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. The only problem he’s still having is the aching in his heart for his first and only love, Sonya. He can’t seem to get her out of his thoughts. He’s so in love with her, he can’t seem to function without her. However, Kai knows with Sonya comes drama. He knows he’s the only one that can save Sonya when life threatens to destroy her. Despite the adversity and secrets, Kai still wants to be there for her. His decisions haven’t helped their relationship thrive, either. When Sonya gets in over her head, will Kai be able to keep his thug mentality in the past to rescue her?

Despite their explosive moments and back and forth, beneath it all, they love one another. But they both realize that sometimes, love just isn't enough. It takes more. Will they be willing to give their love everything they've got? Or will they just be content with being apart?

Sweet Temptation (Book 6)

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