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Sidney Jameson's life struggles have been one huge secret. She put her all into her education and works to become one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the state of Texas. She didn’t have time for boys, but as a grown woman a man steals her heart. After he has proven to be everything she needs, she accepts his proposal. However, the world as Sidney knows it begins to crumble the day Devin proposes to her. When these situations arise, it gives Sidney no choice but to share her upbringing. An upbringing that has shaped her into the woman she is and fueled her drive to become great. Will she be able divulge the secrets that have plagued her for so long?

Devin has always been the younger brother who needed protecting. However, he has had to save his family on more than one occasion already. Life's experiences have prepared him to take care of a family he’s trying to build with Sidney Jameson. His love for Sidney keeps him humble, since she is such a firecracker. However, when tragedies occur in his own backyard, will it be too much pressure for him?

Sidney and Devin have a lot to overcome, but with Sidney's stubbornness and Devin's impatience, will they be able to make their relationship work? Or will all the family drama and secrets drive them apart?

Sweeter Than Before (Sweet Series Book 3)

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