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Having God’s grace and mercy is a blessing to those who receive it, but to embody it is a miracle.

Mercy Grace Speaks has her life all figured out. She has obtained a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, along with a teaching certification, and is pursuing a master’s degree in marketing and graphic design. Whether she chooses to teach it or start her own business, she knows she will be successful simply because of her strong desire to be so. Being sheltered from the wilds of the world, has helped her stay focused on her aspirations.

However, an encounter with the wrong man ruins it all. She finds herself doing things simply to please him while her life spirals out of her control, her naivety speaking loudly. While knowing right from wrong and what she should be doing, it’s like something has a hold on her. She voluntarily participates in activities that go against her morals and sucks the drive for success right out of her. She sinks to depths she’s never known, and while at the mouth of hell, she sees and meets a possible way out.

Hunter Bell, better known as Vick, has had to get it out the mud. At the age of fourteen, he was forced to become the man of the house when his father was robbed and gunned down. Being that his father was the sole provider, it leaves him and his mother destitute, not knowing where their next meal would come from. Hunter makes a way, the only way he knows how, to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

After years of hustling, he obtains a business degree and opens a private club. While it’s financially beneficial to him, he knows he will have to let it go eventually, just like he’s trying to escape the streets. Before that time comes, he sees a woman that could make his desire to go a different route even stronger. She belongs to someone else, but in his heart, he knows she’s giving her all to the wrong man.

Hunter and Mercy meet under unusual circumstances, but the chemistry between them is palpable. No matter how toxic the situation she’s in, Mercy is loyal to the death of her and is unable to go against the situation in place. Hunter wants to shake her and make her see that she’s allowing someone else to destroy one of God’s beautiful blessings, and just because she houses grace and mercy doesn’t mean everyone should benefit from it.

Can he convince her that with him is where she should be, or will she continue down the path of destruction until she hits rock bottom all in the name of loyalty and devotion?

Take Me: An Urban Erotic Romance

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