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Matters of the heart used to be so simple...


There is one woman that I’ve been in love with for ten years. She doesn’t feel the same way, and I know that, but I refuse to give up on the woman I love. Things progress over the years, and I could only hope that they would eventually progress to the relationship I want with her. Things suddenly change, taking a turn in a favorable direction. She finally comes around, vowing to give me a chance to prove I could be the one for her, but something, or rather someone threatens that. Jaida Justine Lewis.


Our connection is so unexpected, so raw, so spiritual. I can’t for the life of me resist her. As a high-profile, Grammy award winning rapper, I can have any woman I want, but I don’t operate like that. My heart should only be for one, but somewhere along the way, that changes. Being raised in the church afforded me to have high moral standards, but this... It’s one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made, but it is also the easiest, if that makes sense.


After dealing with the demons in my past and overcoming life and career threatening obstacles, I know who my heart is for. Hearts get broken and souls get bruised. Time heals wounds, and love prevails when all seems lost. At least that’s what my mind says. Tell my heart that, though, because it can't seem to let go of what once was.

The Book of Noah (Written Between the Pages Book 2)

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