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Things usually aren’t what they seem to be on the surface. Ryan ‘RJ’ Charles Junior is living proof of that. As the brother of Grammy award winning rapper, Noah, RJ had been able to hide in the shadows. That was the way he liked it. Although he is the son of a Pastor, he has secrets that will shock anyone's senses. Beyond the stereotype of being a preacher’s kid, RJ fools everyone into believing they truly know him. The truth is, they know RJ, but none of them know Ryan.  

Besides his deceased mother, no one knows the truth, except him and God. He tends to stay on the light side of things, never pursuing a serious relationship or job for that matter. He constantly deals with ratchet females and offers comedic relief for his family. After he attempts to get his life together, he decides to pursue Jazmine Lewis, the sister of Jaida, who was Noah’s girlfriend. He’s been searching for the one woman that reminded him of the only woman he’d ever loved, his mom, Monique Charles. He finds that in Jazzy. However, she evokes feelings in him that he’s not comfortable showing anybody, except his mom. Monique 'Mo' Charles.  

He struggles with giving in to her, because she’s a lot more than what he expects. At every turn, his troubled past haunts him and causes a rift between him and Jazzy. Unexpected consequences of his actions threaten to tear them apart. Even after he becomes a business owner, he struggles to leave his past where it belongs... in the past. Any classy woman or a woman with morals, would get tired of the back and forth. Will RJ be able to fully give in to Jazmine and all the love she has to offer, or will his past keep him prisoner to his worst enemy?  

The Revelations of Ryan, Jr. (Written Between the Pages Book 3)

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