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This series chronicles the journeys of the Brooks/Charles families. It beginis with Raquel Brooks (Christian Fiction Romance) then it journeys to her son, Noah and his best friend, Ryan Charles Jr (Urban, Erotic Romance). Here are the titles.


The Devil Goes to Church Too

The Book of Noah

The Revelations of Ryan Charles, Jr.

The Rebirth of Noah


This series intertwines with the Sweet Series and the Motives and Betrayal Series. While it can be read as a stand-alone, you will get a better experience if you read those two series first, especially the first 8 books of the Sweet Series.


The Rebirth of Noah (Book 4) has a lot of required reading from those series as well as a book from Author T. Key. Check the author's note at the beginning of that book for those titles.

The Written Between the Pages 4-Book Bundle

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