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Danielle Burrows is no stranger to deceit and betrayal, but even she is caught by surprise with the turn her life takes. Her love life has been at a standstill since she left Corey. She is so heartbroken by his betrayal, that she hasn’t been able to move on. She leaves New Orleans to start over in her hometown of Beaumont, Texas. As if she hasn’t suffered enough, more gut-wrenching drama finds her at her new address.

Meanwhile, she's trying to fight off Corey Sheffield's advances. Knowing all the things he went through as a kid on account of her parents, makes her heart somewhat soft towards him. Even with the heartache she suffered on account of him... his betrayal, she still longs for him. Her heart and mind are at war and she doesn't know which one she should listen to. She believes everything he's told her about how he feels, but her mind is constantly wondering if there's an ulterior motive. But with the drama going on in her life, she feels like she needs him and won't make it through without him.

Blow after blow brings her to her knees and threatens her very existence. She discovers even more secrets about the lives her parents led and unfortunately, she always seems to be on the receiving end of the consequences of their actions. So much trouble ensues, Danielle begins to wonder if she will survive it this time. Will she allow Corey to once again come to her rescue, despite her doubt about his intentions or will she take a chance on her own?

Ultimate Betrayal (Motives and Betrayal Book 2)

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