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If abandonment had a face, Enzo Saint Rideaux’s fit the bill perfectly. Being raised by his father since the age of four without any involvement from his mother, makes him feel like he’s been missing something. Regardless of his dad’s endless love, he knows that his mother has to care about him. After his dad is shot and killed, his hopes are high for reuniting with his mother, but once again, he is left without her love. Moving in with his paternal grandparents wasn’t what he expected, but it’s his fate.

Learning to adapt is hard and after his introduction to music, he uses it to ease his soul. At some point it’s not enough and he turns his attention to women. Sex gives him an adrenaline rush like no other and it helps him manage his demons. However, when he meets Ulanni Alvarez at a spoken word performance, he has a different outlook on life just from that moment of being in her presence. When she leaves, he knows she will be the one to change him forever.

The problem was that he would have to convince her of that fact… after he can convince himself that he deserved everything she has to offer.

When’s the Last Time

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