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Grief can take control of a person and practically kill them. Dayton Gauthier experiences this first-hand when his wife of almost thirty years dies suddenly. Trying to come to grips with what happened and moving on with his life has proven to be harder than he ever imagined.

Once his three adult children help him to see that his life is worth living after his wife’s death, he seems to be doing well… until a year later when a woman catches his attention. She not only catches his attention, but she keeps it, holding it hostage. But Dayton still finds it difficult to move on because he’s at war with his heart and his flesh.

Ladonna Owens has lived a peaceful life for years and that’s mainly because she shut her family out. Because they were the source of her depression, abuse, and hostility, she chose to move away and not deal with any of them anymore. Being a professional singer afforded her a life that she could live comfortably. Because of her victimization, it made her heart hard toward men. She became somewhat selfish… taking what she desired sexually and moving on. However, that approach didn’t work for Dayton Gauthier. She realizes immediately that there is something between them and tries to prove herself worthy of his affection, but the insecurities of her past rear their ugly heads.

Dayton and Ladonna have demons to overcome before than can fully explore a relationship with anyone, let alone each other. But each other is who they want. Will Dayton be able to overcome his grief to pursue a relationship with Ladonna? Can Ladonna trust Dayton long enough to entertain more than a physical connection?

When You Touch Me

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