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Past trauma can be a beast to overcome, but Jessica Monroe has proven time and time again that she’s up for the challenge. Every hurdle thrown her way, she finds a way to conquer it and keep moving. After landing a successful career, she’s ready to settle down. However, it seems that love is missing in action where she’s concerned. It doesn’t help that she’s slow to express her feelings for fear of being hurt. Trying to overcome the hurt of a failed relationship has left her vulnerable, something she’s usually able to mask. When she runs into a friend from school, she’s reminded of how close they used to be and longs for that closeness once again.

Brixton Lewis has been intentional about everything in life. He’s a business owner and knows exactly where his life is headed until he gets the call that his dad has passed away. He makes the decision to go home and take over the family farm. That responsibility comes with a lot of unknowns. One of those unknown responsibilities presents itself and leaves him in a state of depression and despair. However, running into Jessica has changed everything. She’s the one that got away. Brixton is more than determined not to let her get away again.

When Jessica and Brixton see each other, their excitement can’t be hidden. They immediately try to pick up where they left off, although their personalities are somewhat different as adults. However, adversity rears its ugly head and threatens to ruin everything. Can the two of them focus on the possibilities instead of the problems and make a lasting relationship out of their reconnection?

Where Is the Love (Henderson Book 16)

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