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Milton ‘Jungle’ Patterson, while brought up in the street game, was also brought up in love. Although he veers away from it in his adult life, as he’s getting older, he is starting to crave it. He knows that living the life he inherited, being a kingpin, isn’t something he wants for himself anymore. However, love comes to him from an unsuspecting source… one of his friends’ sister. Trying to keep their relationship strictly platonic just isn’t working, especially when she flirts every chance she gets, even while he is trying to pursue something with someone else. He can only resist her for so long, and he realizes that he needs her as much as she needs him.

Chelsea Marcellus, formerly known as Jenetta, has had a rough life. Now that she’s free from the bondage she was once in, she finds herself in turmoil all over again. She loves a man that seems determined to keep her at arm’s length, and she longs for her daughter, a baby that was stolen from her. The adoptive parents are trying their best to keep her away, but she just won’t bow out without a fight, especially after the lengths they’ve gone to keep her away from her. Having Jungle and her family’s support helps, but the situation is tearing her a part.

When Jungle finally concedes to Chelsea’s advances after a failed attempt at love with someone else, she wonders if he’s serious about her. She doesn’t want to feel like his second option. Can she trust him enough to give him a chance to love her beyond what she’s ever known, or will she just cut her losses and choose to strictly remain friends?

Where You Should Be (Berotte Book 13)

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