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*Read after Henderson book 4

Castrice “Cass” Hendricks knows what it’s like to long for love. While constantly encouraging her friend through her relationship issues, she’s secretly hoping that soon, she would have her own man to think about. When she meets Shylou Smith, she can’t help but think that he’s the one for her. Although she has trust issues due to failed relationships, she believes that he’s the man to change the way she sees life. He commands her attention from the very beginning, making her dizzy with desire. After embarking on a nine-month long-distance relationship, she moves to Houston to be with him. She soon finds out that things can be way more complicated in person, being around him every day, living with him.

Shylou Smith has never run short on women to show attention to. He was used to being chased. After establishing himself as a successful businessman, owning several businesses in Houston and one in Nome, he knows that he should soon settle down. When he sees Cass, he knows that she’s the woman he’s been longing for. Once they are living together, though, she brings out his inner demons concerning his business and she also knows how to tap dance on his nerves. While she brings out his best qualities, he doesn’t know how they will end up because of the issues between them.

While there is never a dull moment in their relationship, one particular issue has become a wedge between them, threating to drive them apart. The sense of humor that they both possess gets lost in their real-life issues. Can they overcome those issues to pursue happiness and fulfillment with one another, or will they decide that it’s not worth the trouble?

You Belong to Me (Henderson book 5)

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