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Kinisha Jordan has always been a socialite, treating society like her personal revolving door. She doesn’t dwell on people that have no place in her life. She simply moves on, trying her best not to let it affect her. However, seeing her friends find happiness and love is starting to weigh on her. Lonely nights are beginning to take a toll on her, and she finds herself in an undesirable predicament. Things spiral out of control, and she starts to regret her past choices, wondering if she has been too free with her time.

Oliver Andrews has played it safe in life, refusing to take chances in any aspect of it. He learned to watch the experiences of others before deciding to live carelessly. He waits patiently for the attention of one woman. Playing the field has never been a part of who he is, and he refuses to reduce his standards simply because he’s lonely. When a situation arises, despite his morals, he decides to step in and save the day.

Kinisha needs help, and it ends up coming from the least likely source. Oliver has offered her a way out, but she doesn’t know if she can agree to his terms. While the attraction is there, the statutes put in place might be too much for her to abide by. Will Oliver ease the stipulations he’s put in place to obtain Kinisha’s heart, or will Kinisha change who she is to satisfy Oliver’s demands?

You Make Me Feel (A Spin-Off of Stuck On You)

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