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Professional basketball player, Nate Guillory, has a good life. He enjoyed his childhood as the only child in a single-parent home. There is only one thing he feels he missed out on: knowing his father. Although he had a great upbringing, he feels that it is his right to know the identity of his father and why they weren’t afforded the opportunity to have a relationship. Because his mother isn’t as forthcoming with information, Nate seeks out rapper, Noah Brooks, who is the bonus son of his now deceased father. Getting to know him through Noah’s eyes only makes him resent his mother for keeping secrets. However, while visiting Noah, amid his recovery from heartbreak, his attention falls on Noah’s sister-in-law, Kenya Zenith. Although she’s in a relationship with someone, Nate makes it clear that she is the woman he wants.

Kenya Zenith tends to avoid the spotlight as much as possible. Being born to a famous singer and musician and having the same for a sister, she likes to keep a low profile. While she doesn’t remember her father, since he died when she was only four years old, she suffers emotionally from his absence, longing for a relationship she was stripped of. As she goes through the motions in an unfulfilling relationship, another man catches her attention. Basketball player, Nate Guillory, in all his glory, seems to be the type of man she’s longed for. However, she knows she has loose ends to tie up before giving in to his pursuit of her.

Drama is the last thing Nate or Kenya want to tolerate, but it finds their addresses. Situations arise that could cause their chemistry and attraction to suffer, not to mention issues from their past relationships. Doubt about one another’s intentions creeps in and tries to make them pump their brakes. Can Nate and Kenya move past their hesitancies and form something special, or will they allow baggage from their past to steer their future?

Your One (Henderson Book 19)

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