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Throw a Few Coats of Paint…

Here is the final sneak peek!!! Passion, book 1 of Tge Arranged Hearts Series, is coming 5/3! You can preorder this title and future titles, here:

Enjoy the excerpt!

When I fell to the side of her, she rolled into me and lightly stroked my chest. She was quiet and so was I. I supposed we were thinking about the intensity of what we had just shared. Before I could fully recover from it, she started kissing my chest. Going up on her knees, she started teasing my nipples with her tongue then made her way to my dick.

I sat up on my elbows to watch her thick lips take me hostage. Her juices had drowned my shit a minute ago and now she was about to resurrect it with her saliva to do it all over again. Her mouth was my next favorite thing. She started sucking my dick, and I swore she was trying to actually eat and digest my shit in the most pleasing ass way possible.

I found myself moaning as her mouth slid up and down it while her eyes penetrated my soul. I had never felt so damn soft in my life. I’d pay Arranged Hearts all over again for this, even if for some reason the marriage didn’t work. My dick breached her throat canal, and I grabbed her braids as I bit my bottom lip. I didn’t know who trained her to be a beast like this, but I would thank him in person.

When she first took him into her mouth, he wasn’t even at full potential. Oh, but his ass was there now and ready to throw a few coats of paint on the walls of her throat. I still had so much to get to know about her, but our intense sexual chemistry had taken precedence over everything else. She could tell me she was a crackhead right now, and I would probably say, Okay, baby. We’ll get through it.

I slowly shook my head as I watched her ass jiggle in the air while she swallowed and regurgitated my dick repeatedly. She was gonna be in trouble after this shit. “Elle, shit. I’m about to nut, baby. You fucking me up right now. Fuck!”

I’d just given her a nickname, and that shit never happened. I lifted my hips and jabbed the back of her throat only for her to apply a suction that had my kids begging to be with her. I nutted so hard my toes curled tight as hell. From that, I could feel the cramps making their way up my legs. I quickly released them, because there was no way I would be taking a break after this.

She sucked every drop from me then straddled me. She slid her hands up my chest and said, “I like the way you taste. I can see I’ll be digesting them babies all the time. I have a huge pen they can play in to keep themselves occupied.”

I gave her a smirk then lifted her ass and slid her down my dick. In all my thirty-three years, I’d never been turned out. I supposed there was a first time for everything. I lay back, pulling her with me, and said, “I hope you ain’t have no plans for today.”

“I did, and I’m executing them right now.”

“Good. You executing the hell out of ’em too. Shit.”

“You have been the perfect participant. I can’t believe I’ll be able to have this whenever I want it.”

“Shiiiid, and when you think you don’t want it, you’ll have it. I will show up at that dentist office and turn this pussy inside out, girl.”


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