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I Want You to Be My First…

Waiting On You, Book 20 of the Henderson Family Saga, is coming 4/6! This story is special and beautiful. It will definitely have you in your emotions! You can preorder it at the following link.

Enjoy the excerpt!

I glanced at the phone to see Angel’s number. It had been six or seven months, and she called me every day. Sometimes I regretted giving her my number and other times I was glad she had me to talk to. We’d gotten to know one another well. Although she was innocent-like, she was sure to inform me that she was grown and could do what she wanted. She tried to take us through conversations that I adamantly avoided.


“Nigga, you feeling her for real?” Christian asked.

I glanced at him as I silenced my phone. “She’s only nineteen. I can’t go there with her.”

“Umm… plus she’s mentally disabled. Are you sure she understands what she’s embarking on?”

I gave him the side-eye. “Watch your mouf, man. She cool, and she understands more than anyone gives her credit for.”

He lifted his hands in a surrendering motion. “I didn’t mean anything by that. I just want you to be careful. As your big brother, I gotta look out for you.”

“Mm hmm. You and Jakari. I’m not a kid no more though. I’m twenty-eight.”

I sent her a text instead. What’s up, girl? I’m out with my brother and KJ. You needed something?

“So you gon’ keep leading her on?”

“I’m not leading her on. I constantly say we’re friends. I mean, I know she likes me, but I can’t stop talking to her and hurt her feelings.”

I huffed as a text came through from Angel. I want you to be my first.

I almost swallowed my damn tongue. I glanced at Christian and said, “I’ll be right back.”

I had to call her because I wasn’t sure what the fuck she was on. Decaurey would crucify my ass. Leaving out of Cheddar’s I dialed her number. “Hello?”

“Angel, you know—”

“Yeah, we’re just friends. Rylan, I feel things… in my pussy when you’re near me. Hearing my mama and Decaurey make love just sounds so passionate. I want that. I want to feel loved like that. You turn me on… since I first saw you. Your dick doesn’t get hard around me?”

My eyes were wide as I swiped my hand down my face. “Angel, baby girl, we can’t go there. I like you, but no. I can’t do that.”

“Rylan, please? I love you. I know you love me too. I can feel it. And I know your dick gets hard around me. I’ve seen it. I wanna learn about sex with you. Please?”

“Angel, fuck. Don’t do that shit, man.”

I closed my eyes. This shit was getting harder and harder to avoid. I wasn’t in love with her, but I loved her as my friend. I cared for her a lot. Had it not been for the age gap, I would feel way more comfortable pursuing her. When I heard her sniffle, my heart broke. She knew I hated to see her cry or even hear it.

“Rylan, you said that me having down syndrome didn’t matter to you, but I think it does. You don’t like me because I have a mental illness. I have to go.”

“Angel! Don’t hang up like that. You know that ain’t what this is about. Decaurey is my cousin, man. I can’t do that. That would be so disrespectful.”

“He’s not your cousin by blood. Shouldn’t that make this okay?”

“I’m not saying that it’s because we’re related. Shit. Where are you?”

“At home.”

“Meet me at the park in Nome in an hour.”


I ended the call, knowing this shit was all fucked up. What made it worse was that my dick was hard. Walking back inside, I sat at the table, listening to Christian, Jacob, and KJ talk. The minute the waitress appeared, I asked her to box my food to go. They all stared at me like I had lost my mind.

“You goin’ meet that lil girl?” KJ asked.

“Don’t say that shit like that. You make me sound like a fucking pedophile. Fuck that food. I’m out.”

I grabbed my phone and left them sitting there stunned. KJ played too fucking much. When I got to my truck, I sent her a message. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.



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